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Commercial & Residential Snow Plowing, Snow Removal, & Ice Management Company servicing Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan & New York City, Suffolk County, NY., and Nassau County, NY..

Our snow removal service includes snow plowing, sidewalk snow removal, parking lot ice melt applications, and sidewalk ice melt applications.

Reliable, quality snow removal, snow shoveling & snow-plowing services.

An important element in providing safe passage of pedestrians, customers and visitors during winter months and especially during snow season, is the responsibility of residents and business owners for the removal of snow and ice from public sidewalks. There is an ordinance regarding snow removal that identifies the responsibilities of homeowners, residents and business managers/owners in removing snow from sidewalks.

Whether it's taking care of your home driveway or maintaining a large commercial parking lot we have you covered. We offer sidewalk shoveling for residential and commercial customers alike. .

  • ~Residential Snow Plowing
  • ~Commercial Snow Plowing
  • ~Driveway Clearing
  • ~Snow Shoveling
  • ~Sidewalk Clearing
  • ~De-icing
  • ~Ice Control
  • ~Snow Melting
  • ~Snow Plowing Estimates

Residential & Commercial Snow Removal in New York City, NY.

Serving Nassau & Suffolk County.

Our snow removal and snow shoveling are a first line of defense against winter storms. We remove snow and ice from all pedestrian walkways, so your employees and visitors can continue to do business with you as usual with less concern of slipping and falling.

  • ~Snow Plowing for parking lots, ramps, driveways & other paved surfaces.
  • ~Snow Blowing for walkways, sidewalks & footpaths.
  • ~Snow Shoveling for stairs, porches, decks & parking spaces.
  • ~Ice Control & Melting.
  • ~Salt Spreading for walkways, stairs, porches, decks, etc.

We offer free consultations and estimates. Some of our customers prefer a seasonal charge, while others prefer per-visit fees. Call us today to discuss your snow plowing needs.

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