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C4U are a top rated shrub trimming and lawn grooming services for home owners and businesses in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and New York City, NY.

Pruning and trimming plants and bushes requires knowledge what you are doing and an understanding in pruning to achieve success along with healthy plants.

Shrub trimming ensures that the shrubs stay healthy and clear of diseases.

Proper pruning enhances the beauty of almost any landscape tree, bush and shrub, while improper pruning has the potential of ruining or greatly reducing landscape true beauty. Did you know, in some cases if pruning or trimming has been done incorrectly, it is best not to prune? When improper pruning methods has been applied healthy plants are often weakened or damaged.

It is very important to remove the weak branches of a shrub. This is because any weak branch is susceptible to catching the perilous shrub germs. Some of these are bugs, infections and other microscopic parasites that haunt the roots and branches of shrubs. They lessen the growth rate of shrub structures. Shrub experts say that garden owners should check their shrubs from time to time. Regular checking helps one to find out the flaccid and dead branches in a shrub. If anyone finds any debilitated branch, it is advisable to call shrub care agencies for a removal or grooming process.


Correct pruning is an essential maintenance practice for trees plants and shrubs in the home & business landscape.

  • ~Maintain Plant Health
  • ~Control Weeds
  • ~Remove Plant Debris
  • ~Remove Dead Plants
  • ~Remove Spent Blossoms
  • ~Reduce Overcrowded Plants
  • ~Prune Plants as Needed
  • ~Restrict Growth
  • ~Use Proper Pruning Tools

Shrubs, bushes, small trees & hedges are an easy answer to a large number of landscaping problems. They can be used as accents to enhance the beauty and help bring our surroundings, to hide unsightly areas, or as a natural living barrier to other properties, or areas you simply donít want seen.

But they can also become a problem- Whether you need your hedges and shrubs removed or trimmed we are in to the trimming! We will professionally trim your hedges, shrubs, bushes, plants and small tress to improve your propertyís appearance.

Effective Shrub, Plants and Bush Trimming Pruning & Grooming in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and New York City, NY.

Shrubbery can add appeal to any landscape, but not when they become overgrown and unsightly. Let C4U Services maintain your shrubs so they can continue to be pleasing to the eye while enhancing your premise.

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